Compressors / Turbocompressors

1. An Elementary Course on Turbocompressors

Description: At the end of this course, the student will be able to understand the conceptual principles of the turbocompressors and the consequences of their interaction with the compression system.

Author: P. S. Rodrigues (Mec.Eng., M. Sc.) -

Target Audience: Engineers and high-level technicians with a basic understanding about turbocompressors and the role played by them in processes plants.

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Table of Contents


Lesson2: The Gas Nature

Lesson3: Thermodynamic Analysis of Compression Processes

Lesson 4: Turbocompressors Constructive Aspects

Lesson 5: Compression Systems

Lesson 6: Safe and Economical Operation of Turbocompressors

Lesson 7: Turbocompressors Capacity Control

Lesson 8: Turbocompressors Anti-Surge Protection

Lesson 9: Tests of Turbocompressors

Lesson 10: Compression Systems Simulation and Analysis

Lesson 11: Axial Compressors